YouTube Creator Tips: How To Make Filming Easier 

Creating high-quality YouTube content is challenging. Let's dive into what tools you can use to further enhance production quality.

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Creating high-quality content on YouTube can be a rewarding but challenging task. With so many aspects to consider, from scripting and filming to editing and promoting, the process can often feel overwhelming. Fortunately, there are several tools and strategies that can help make filming easier and more efficient. In this blog post, we'll explore some essential tools that can streamline your filming process and elevate your content. At the end, we'll briefly discuss how Breeze can also help you further enhance your production quality.

Let’s dive into the tools we love to use for filming!

OctoBuddy: Your New Best Friend on Set

One of the most versatile tools that almost everyone has right now for quick on the go filming is the Octobuddy. This innovative affordable tool acts as an all-in-one assistant, holding your smartphone, camera, or even a small tablet in one place while you film. It’s essentially a little sticky pad that you put onto the back of your device with suction cups on the opposite side. You can stick the suction cup side onto various surfaces so you can film hands-free. It’s very sturdy so you can spend less time worrying about your device falling off and more time capturing great shots!

Key Benefits:

  • Versatility: Can hold different devices securely.
  • Flexibility: You can use it on almost any smooth surface.
  • Portability: Lightweight and easy to carry around.

The portability of the OctoBuddy makes it an essential tool for creators who film in various locations. Whether you’re filming indoors, outdoors, or on the go, this device can easily be transported and set up, saving you time and effort. With its lightweight design, it’s convenient to carry around, ensuring you’re always ready to capture the perfect shot.

Microphones: Capturing Crystal Clear Audio

Good audio quality is just as important as good video quality. Investing in a high-quality microphone can drastically improve the audio in your videos, making them more enjoyable for your viewers. Different types of microphones serve different purposes, and choosing the right one can enhance your content significantly.

Here are a few that we know are great to use:

Lavalier microphones — often clipped onto your clothing, are ideal for on-the-go filming and interviews. They capture clear audio while allowing you to move freely, making them perfect for vlogs or dynamic scenes. 

Shotgun microphones — known for their directional sound capture, are great for minimizing background noise and focusing on your voice. They are perfect for outdoor shoots or busy environments. 

USB microphones — commonly used for voiceovers and podcast-style videos, offer excellent sound quality and ease of use, connecting directly to your computer.

Clear audio ensures that your message is heard without distractions, enhancing the overall viewing experience. Investing in a good microphone can make a noticeable difference, transforming your content from amateur to professional. that your message is heard without distractions, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Stabilizers: Smooth and Professional Footage

Every creator knows how annoying it is to watch their content and see how shaky it was. It can also look super distracting and unprofessional. Stabilizers help in capturing smooth, cinematic shots, whether you’re walking, running, or even biking. They come in various forms, each serving a specific purpose.

Gimbals — motorized stabilizers, provide smooth movement and control, perfect for capturing dynamic scenes or following a subject. They are ideal for action shots, travel vlogs, or any scenario where you’re moving while filming. 

Handheld stabilizers — though non-motorized, are more affordable and still effective. They offer stability for those who need a steady shot without the complexity of a gimbal. 

Tripod stabilizers — excellent for static shots and time-lapses, providing a solid base to eliminate any movement.

Using a stabilizer can make a significant difference in the quality of your videos, making them more engaging and enjoyable to watch. Smooth footage enhances the viewing experience, making your content look more polished and professional.

Extra Memory Cards: Never Run Out of Storage

Running out of storage space in the middle of a shoot can be a nightmare. It’s the worst having to go back into your video library and delete files in the middle of filming. Keeping extra memory cards on hand ensures that you’re always prepared to capture every moment without interruptions. 

Tips for Managing Memory Cards:

  • Label Your Cards: Keep track of which cards are full and which are empty.
  • Invest in High-Capacity Cards: Reduce the need for frequent card swaps.
  • Backup Regularly: Transfer footage to your computer or external drive to free up space.

Having extra memory cards is a simple yet effective way to keep your filming process smooth and uninterrupted.

Portable Lighting: Illuminate Your Scenes Perfectly

Good lighting can totally transform the look of your videos, making them appear more professional and visually appealing. Portable lighting solutions are convenient and versatile, allowing you to shoot in various environments with ease. Here’s what a lot of YouTube creators use for their portable lighting situation:

  • Ring Lights: Ideal for vlogs and beauty tutorials, providing even, flattering light. They eliminate harsh shadows and create a professional look, making your videos more appealing.
  • LED Panels: Offer adjustable brightness and color temperature for different settings. Whether you’re filming indoors or outdoors, you can adjust the light to match the environment.
  • Portable Softboxes: Create soft, diffused light, reducing harsh shadows providing a natural look to your videos..

Investing in portable lighting can significantly improve the visual quality of your videos, helping you create more polished and professional content. Good lighting enhances the overall aesthetic, making your videos more engaging for viewers.

Desk Tripod: Stability for Stationary Shots

A desk tripod is a must-have for YouTubers who frequently film at a desk or table. It provides stability for your camera, ensuring that your shots are steady and well-composed. This tool is especially useful for tutorials, unboxings, or any stationary videos where a stable shot is crucial.

When choosing a desk tripod, look for features like adjustable height, which allows for flexible positioning. A sturdy build ensures that your camera remains stable, preventing any accidental movements during filming. Compact design makes it easy to set up and store, saving you space and time.

With a desk tripod, you can achieve consistent, professional-looking shots, enhancing the overall quality of your videos. Stability is key to producing professional content, and a desk tripod provides just that.

Storyboards: Planning Your Shots

Pre-planning your shots with storyboards can save you time and effort during filming. Storyboards help you visualize your video, ensuring that you capture all the necessary shots in an organized manner. This planning tool is invaluable for creators who want to streamline their filming process.

Creating storyboards allows you to see the flow of your video before you start filming. It helps you plan each shot, ensuring that you don’t miss any important details. By organizing your shots beforehand, you reduce the need for reshoots and adjustments, saving you time and effort. Storyboarding keeps your filming process on track, making it more efficient and organized.

While it may take some extra time upfront, storyboarding ultimately makes the filming process smoother and more efficient. It’s a planning tool that can greatly enhance the quality and organization of your content.

ke some extra time upfront, but it will make the filming process smoother and more efficient.

Hiring a Team: Taking Your Production to the Next Level

As your channel grows, you may find it beneficial to hire a team of professionals to help with various aspects of production. Editors, videographers, directors, and actors can bring new skills and perspectives to your content, elevating its quality and appeal.

Hiring a team allows you to delegate tasks, focusing more on content creation while experts handle the technical aspects. Editors can transform your raw footage into polished videos, adding effects, transitions, and audio enhancements. Videographers bring professional expertise to filming, ensuring that your shots are high-quality and visually appealing. Directors can guide the creative vision of your videos, helping you achieve a cohesive and compelling narrative. Actors can bring your scripts to life, adding a professional touch to your content. You’ll find it much easier to film your ideas when you have a full team backing you and helping you out.

If you’re ready to take that big step, our team at Breeze can also help! We provide creator funding to big YouTubers, enabling you to hire the right people to grow your channel and produce the content of your dreams. Talk with us today or use our funding calculator here so you can get an estimate on how much you can receive!

But, there you have it!

Making filming easier as a YouTuber is all about using the right tools and strategies. From versatile devices like the OctoBuddy to high-quality microphones, stabilizers, and lighting, each tool plays a crucial role in enhancing your production process. Additionally, planning your shots with storyboards and considering the option of hiring a professional team can further streamline your workflow and improve your content.

Remember, creating great content doesn’t have to be a solo endeavour. With the support of a dedicated team and the right funding, you can focus on what you do best—creating and sharing amazing videos with your audience. At Breeze, we’re here to support your journey and help you achieve your YouTube dreams.

Happy filming!

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