Why Breeze

A simple cash advance that helps you grow your YouTube channel to the next level.

Get The Cash You Need To Take The Next Step In Your Business

We see your YouTube channel as a business and want to lend you cash to help you invest in your channel to give it the financial boost it needs to grow to the next level.

Whether you are looking for new equipment, a videographer, studio space, to start a podcast, hire an editor, start a product line, we won’t tell you how to use the cash.

More Funding on Better Terms

Our straightforward terms don’t interfere with your business, we lend you cash for you to scale your channel. This is a simple cash advance, we are not looking for a piece of your business or to manage your content. As you invest in your channel you keep the full upside to your channel’s growth.

chart showing breeze 5 creator earnings

See How Breeze Compares

competitor graph showing breeze offers more
Competitor Breeze
Creator Retains Creative Control
Required Posting Schedule
No Royalty Payments
Tax-Free Cash
Tax Deductible
Fixed Payments
Flexible Payment Schedule
Option to Pre-Pay

How It Works

1. Connect Account

Link your Google account so we can analyze your data.

2. Receive Offer

Get a personalized funding offer within days.

3. Get Cash

Spend to grow or diversify your business.