Jellysmack Alternatives in 2023

For YouTube content creators seeking funding, Breeze provides a valuable toolset to streamline financial management. It empowers creators to take control of their money, make informed decisions, and effectively allocate resources. Setting goals, tracking expenses, and automating savings allows content creators to steadily progress towards their funding objectives.

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Content creators have made a strong hold on the entertainment space and businesses have started to lean into the opportunity to fund creators. This shift in mainstream perception has given birth to a fresh wave of talented creators eager to share their unique perspectives and captivate audiences worldwide. However, it's crucial to understand the importance of having sufficient financial resources to support their growth. Having the right amount of cash is crucial for content creators to expand their reach, invest in top-notch equipment, collaborate with fellow creators, and explore new creative ideas and products. With adequate funding, content creators can elevate their production value, engage a wider audience, and establish themselves as influential voices in the digital realm.

Why Do Content Creators Need Funding?

Funding plays a vital role in the journey of content creators, addressing their diverse needs and unlocking a world of opportunities. First and foremost, financial support is crucial for content creators to meet the costs of equipment, software, and production quality. Investing in top-notch cameras, microphones, editing software, and other essential tools can elevate their content's visual and audio aspects, resulting in a more polished and professional final product. Furthermore, funding empowers content creators to treat their YouTube channel as a real business and invest in their products and goals . This freedom allows creators to up the anti of their videos, create new products and consistently produce captivating content, engage with their audience, and cultivate a devoted following.

Beyond covering basic expenses, funding unlocks a plethora of opportunities for content creators. It enables them to delve into new content formats, experiment with diverse creative approaches, and push the boundaries of their craft. With financial backing, creators can collaborate with skilled professionals like videographers, editors, or graphic designers, enhancing the production value and infusing fresh perspectives into their content. Furthermore, funding empowers content creators to invest in marketing and promotional strategies, broadening their reach to a larger audience and increasing their chances of gaining traction and recognition.

Moreover, financial support opens doors to partnerships and sponsorships with brands and companies. Content creators can leverage their platform and audience to establish mutually beneficial collaborations, earning income through brand endorsements, product placements, and sponsored content. These partnerships provide creators with a steady revenue stream, allowing them to work with brands that align with their values and foster meaningful connections within their niche.

What is Jellysmack and Why Look for Alternatives?

Jellysmack is a digital media company offering various services for content creators and brands. The two main offerings for creators are their creator program and their funding outlet called Jellyfi. Their creator program specializes in social media publishing and content optimization, assisting individuals in maximizing the reach and engagement of their video content across multiple platforms. This is based on a revenue-share model where Jellysmack takes a portion of the earnings from the platforms they help promote your content on. JellyFi is where they invest in your YouTube library giving you funding based on their perceived value of your content library. In this instance they may assume control and monetization revenue from selected videos in your library. In both instances they are taking a revenue share approach where Jellysmack is taking a cut of the channel’s growth.

Why look for alternatives?

When considering where you get funding for your channel make sure you are aware of how much involvement you want from your lending partner and what you give up in exchange for the capital. If you are looking for support growing your channel and comfortable handing over a share of your growth then Jellysmack can be a great option. If you are looking to retain complete control and keep the full upside from the revenue of your channel then it may be worth looking into a more straightforward option.

Despite the collaborative advantages, there may be potential drawbacks to using Jellysmack that could lead some users to explore alternative options. One possible concern is the level of control creators have over their content. As Jellysmack operates as a partner, there may be limitations on creative freedom and decision-making, as the company provides services such as content editing, distribution, and monetization strategies. Some content creators may prefer more direct control over these aspects and opt to manage their content independently.

Another factor to take into account is the financial arrangement with Jellysmack. While the company provides monetization strategies, users should carefully assess the terms and conditions, revenue-sharing models, and the overall financial benefits they can anticipate. It's crucial to evaluate whether the partnership aligns with their financial objectives and whether they have the freedom to explore alternative revenue streams.

When considering alternatives to Jellysmack, users must prioritize their needs and goals. Finding an alternative that offers the desired level of creative control and flexibility in monetization strategies while aligning with the content creator's goals.

What is Breeze?

Breeze was built by a team of entrepreneurs who recognized that content creators often face significant challenges accessing the funding without selling off parts of their channel. The company aims to provide a creator-friendly solution that empowers content creators to access upfront cash, allowing them to unlock their full potential without compromising their creative freedom.

The core concept of Breeze revolves around flexible and transparent funding options tailored to the individual needs of creators. Breeze has already raised substantial capital, with over $100 million for its first creator fund and millions given out in funding to creators like Smosh, David’s Been Here and Journey Deeper.

What sets Breeze apart from traditional funding models is its approach to financial empowerment. Breeze has creator’s in mind and doesn’t require creators to make sacrifices like giving up royalties, selling back catalogs, or surrendering equity in their creations. By avoiding such restrictions, Breeze seeks to enable creators to maintain ownership and control over their content, allowing them to focus on building their channels and businesses.

How Is Breeze a Better Alternative to Jellysmack?

When comparing Breeze to Jellysmack, it becomes evident that Breeze presents a distinct and compelling alternative for content creators seeking effective funding solutions. Firstly, while Jellysmack’s primary focus is on being a partner where they benefit from growth and are actively involved in social media publishing and content optimization, Breeze is specifically designed to simplify personal finance and empower individuals to take control of their money. This fundamental distinction positions Breeze as a specialized platform that directly addresses the unique financial needs of content creators. 

Breeze presents itself as a better alternative to Jellysmack with several compelling points:

Business-Centric Approach 

Breeze views your YouTube channel as a business and understands the importance of financial support to take it to the next level. By providing cash to content creators, Breeze empowers them to invest in their channels and gives them the financial boost they need for growth.

Freedom to Use Cash 

Unlike Jellysmack or other platforms that might have restrictions on funding, Breeze gives creators the freedom to decide how to utilize the cash. Whether upgrading equipment, hiring a videographer, securing studio space, starting a podcast, hiring an editor, or launching a product line, Breeze respects the creator's autonomy and doesn't dictate how the funds should be spent.

Transparent and Non-Intrusive Terms

Breeze offers straightforward and non-intrusive terms to its funding model. It's a simple cash advance without any requirement for creators to give up a portion of their business or content control. Creators can scale their channels without worrying about external interference or relinquishing their creative freedom.

Full Upside to Channel Growth

By offering funding without taking a share of the business or controlling the content, Breeze ensures that creators retain full ownership of their channel's growth. Creators enjoy the full upside of their channel's success, allowing them to reap the benefits of their hard work and dedication.

How to Use Breeze to Fund YouTube Content Creation

What Makes You Eligible For Funding

Breeze offers funding for creators looking to take their YouTube channel to the next level. Starting from as low as $50,000 to millions in cash, Breeze can give your channel the financial boost to make a huge difference.

Breeze funding is based on YouTube performance metrics. In order to make you a cash offer, Breeze analyzes your YouTube audience and performance over the past 2 years. Our proprietary algorithm focuses on your channel's trends from AdSense revenue over the past 3-6 months, monthly views, and the number of videos uploaded per month.

To get a sense of what your channel is eligible for, try our free funding calculator to get an estimate of what your channel is qualified for. Better yet, speak to us directly, and we can give more detail on how much funding you can receive. 

How Creators Can Use Breeze Funding

Our straightforward terms don’t interfere with your business; we lend you cash to scale your channel. This is a simple cash advance, so we are not looking for a piece of your business or to control your content. You are free to use the funds how you wish to grow your channel. Whether you are looking for new equipment, a videographer, studio space, to start a podcast, hire an editor, or start a product line, we won’t tell you how to use the cash.

Examples of successful campaigns on Breeze:

Equipment Upgrade 

Jared from The Questionable Garage put funding from Breeze towards purchasing equipment needed to fix cars featured in his videos. This equipment is typically expensive and has a long lead time to arrive. Instead of having to wait until he has earned enough revenue from AdSense to purchase the equipment and then wait for it to arrive, funding has sped up the process. With the upfront cash, he can pre-purchase equipment needed in the shop to speed up how long it takes to fix the cars and increase the turnaround time on his videos. Less downtime waiting for parts and more videos means bigger earnings for The Questionable Garage channel.


Cecelia from Journey Deeper used funding from Breeze to invest in a Spanish translator for her second channel. A second language channel has helped increase audience reach, and growing the team with a Spanish translator can speed up the process of producing new content.

Travel Costs

David from David’s Been Here received Breeze funding to be able to pre-book his travel throughout the year. As a travel influencer waiting for AdSense revenue to come in can mean you are booking last-minute trips at higher price points. Pre-planning and booking flights mean you can get better deals and have more time to develop partnerships and sponsorships as you know well where you will travel during the year.

In conclusion, Breeze funding offers YouTube content creators a financial solution to getting an advance on AdSense revenue without having to sell off equity or have strict posting requirements. Successful campaigns on Breeze, such as equipment upgrades and channel acquisitions, demonstrate the platform's effectiveness in helping content creators achieve their YouTube funding objectives.

For content creators looking to fund their YouTube content creation, Breeze offers financing and flexibility to invest in your channel, while keeping ownership. With Jellysmack you are looking at a more comprehensive partnership. Jellysmack is looking to invest in your channel and partner with creators to help them grow, while taking a share of the profits. 

It is recommended that content creators understand what they are giving up for funding. Make sure they are aware of not only the funds they are receiving but what it will cost them both financially and otherwise. If full transparency and keeping control of your content is important to you, ensure that the funding you receive is in line.

How To Get Funding

1. Connect Account

Link your Google account so we can analyze your data.

2. Receive Offer

Get a personalized funding offer within days.

3. Get Cash

Spend to grow or diversify your business.

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