2024 Letter From YouTube's CEO + Breeze's Thoughts

Did you read the 2024 letter from YouTube’s CEO last week? He dropped four big visions that they want to fulfill for YouTube this year. Read our thoughts on Neal Mohan's letter.

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Did you read the 2024 letter from YouTube’s CEO last week? He dropped four big visions that they want to fulfill for YouTube this year.

Here’s what Neal Mohan said & what we think:

Vision #1: AI tools will be accessible to all YouTube creators 🪄

As some creators have already been experimenting with AI features, YouTube has a mission to democratize AI tools to help everyone create and push the boundaries of creative expression!

Our Thoughts: We love this! Some of our YouTube creators use their funding for production costs. Things like dubbing and using other video enhancing softwares can be an expensive outlay. AI tools can help them save on these avenues so they can use their funding towards other major investments in their channel.

Vision #2: Creators will be better recognized for their value 🏆

It’s not surprising that all of us (including World Leaders) have recognized creators’ global influence. YouTube is now working behind the scenes to better support creators through new economic realms and collaborative initiatives that will help advocate for recognition in key industry forums and even policymaking discussions.

Our Thoughts: This is such a win for creators! We’ve already tapped in to understanding that YouTube is a career and that creators deserve more. That’s why we offer funding through Breeze. As YouTube starts to implement these amazing opportunities, we want creators to be wise about choices offered to them — especially when it comes to economic support.

Vision #3: YouTube is ready to be the star in your living rooms 📺

The divide between creator content & major studio content is gone. Mohan says that more than 1 billion hours of YouTube content is streamed on viewer’s TVs, globally. They want to bring everything viewers love about YouTube (+ their subscriptions) to the living room experience.

Our Thoughts: We’ve seen many creators migrate to longer form content to capture higher watch times and improve monetization metrics. But, just like TV shows and movies have massive budgets, this can get expensive and time consuming for creators. We see this as a big opportunity for creators to tap into creator funding so they can receive the capital they need to invest into things like studio spaces, better equipment, and even hiring teams — just like a film company would. 

Vision #4: Protecting the creator economy is a MUST 🙌

YouTube understands that our online experience (especially for kids) is safe and healthy. They’ll be upholding this responsibility by connecting their viewers to authentic, transparent, and authoritative sources within their content in an effort to protect and support the growth of the YouTube community.

Our Thoughts: We’re happy that YouTube has values that directly align with ours at Breeze. In the same way that YouTube wants to protect their YouTube community, we want to protect the creator economy by providing YouTube creators with funding that is simple, reliable, and transparent. We also commend YouTube for making the viewing experience on their platform safer for all. This will help support longer term monetization without issues, which makes it easier for us to fund and support creators! 

Sounds like 2024 will be another win.

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Click here to read the full letter from Neal Mohan on YouTube's blog.

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