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We help creators get the money they need with straightforward terms and conditions. There is no dilution, no forever partnerships, and complete transparency at every step.

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A Simple Cash Advance - More Funding On Better Terms

We see your YouTube channel as a business and want to lend you cash to help you invest in your channel to give it the financial boost it needs to grow to the next level.

Our straightforward terms don’t interfere with your business, we lend you cash for you to scale your channel. This is a simple cash advance, we are not looking for a piece of your business or to control your content. As you invest in your channel you keep the full upside to your channel’s growth.

Whether you are looking for new equipment, a videographer, studio space, to start a podcast, hire an editor, start a product line, we won’t tell you how to use the cash.


Smosh Co-Founders Used Breeze Funding To Reunite As Majority Owners

With upfront cash from Breeze, Anthony and Ian were able to regaining majority ownership of Smosh. Since Breeze isn’t an active investor and doesn’t license catalogs, our straightforward terms don’t interfere with their business.

Smosh was able to leverage their future YouTube revenue into cash for a simple fixed fee, with no risk of losing their upside or getting into long term partnerships. 

Breeze is a simple cash advance, and did not take a piece of their business or control of their content. In the months following the duo reuniting, they were able to keep the full financial upside to their channel's success.

Watch Anthony and Ian's interview with Jon Youshae about buying back Smosh - here


David Leveraged Funding From Breeze To Grow His Channel

David Hoffmann was ready to take his food travel channel, DavidsBeenHere, to the next level but was struggling while waiting on unpredictable AdSense payments.

With a straightforward cash advance from Breeze, David was able to pre-plan and schedule trips, drive more views, and increase his watch time across the board.

Since receiving funding almost a year ago David's channel has:

  • More than doubled his channel views
  • Grown from 3 million monthly views to nearly 7 million
  • Increased monthly revenue over 4x

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